Refund And Cancellation


The terms and the conditions of the software license sold by TECHIOR SOLUTIONS PVT.LTD.(“Test Magica”), with office at Godavari Building T-Point Hingna Road, Nagpur to SOFTWARE PURCHASER will be as follow:

  • 1)  Test Magica owns the copy rights and intellectual property for the software. PURCHASER will be granted license to use the software and not make any modifications to software or reverse engineer software executables.
  • 2)  Software License Application key and Unlock key will be provided to the purchaser after receipt of full amount. Software License is valid for one PC or laptop only.
  • 3)  Test Magica Refund Policy: Test Magica provides 100% money back guarantee of 10 days from the date of purchase of the software. This provides an opportunity to the purchaser to try software in their environment.
  • 4)  SOFTWARE PURCHASER agrees to use only the number of licenses purchased from Test Magica. In case of change of computer, Purchaser will inform Test Magica in advance so its technical support personnel can uninstall from the older computer and install on new computer.
  • 5)  FREE Remote support from 10:30AM to 6:30PM will be provided on working days for 1 year from the time of purchase. After first year from the date of purchase an AMC of Rs. 6000 plus Service Tax for technical support will be applicable. You are required to download appropriate version of Team Viewer a remote desktop software for our support personnel to help you.
  • 6)  Upgrades will be provided up to SIX months after which product upgrade cost will be applicable.After this period you can continue using the software version that you have or opt for new upgrades from time to time. The new upgrades will cost extra money. It is optional to opt for new versions.
  • 7)  It is the responsibility of the SOFTWARE PURCHASER to take regular backup of the data. Test Magica will not be responsible for data backup. In case of system crashes or upgrades you can install it on any other machine. You can install it on only one machine at any given time.
  • 8)  In case of system failure or crashes a new license will be provided after the request of owner on letter head. The scanned copy of the signed letter can be sent via email to
  • 9)  Test Magica reserves the right to modify the software. Any changes that customer requires will cost extra money as Test Magica incurs cost in modifying the software. It will be Test Magica’s decision to decide if suggested modifications should be incorporated in the software.
  • 10)  Test Magica will definitely support products for up to 24 months from date of purchase. Test Magica may discontinue support for earlier versions of the software at its own discretion based on the support of underlying technology used in developing Test Magica software. Test Magica deserves the right to discontinue any product.
  • 11)  Test Magica hosts the online applications with the third party companies and availability of the services will be dependent on their server availability. Test Magica evaluates the performance of third party hosting services provider from time to time to maintain its uptime.

Revised Version: August 2016

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